Corporate Identity

Our understanding of the hotel industry reflects the importance of the whole concept – with critical attention to all factors of an open system: the guest, the market and, above all, the open opportunities. We provide the right impulses for the new generation of hotel industry: holistic, goal-oriented and creative thinking, as well as visionary management. 

Not only our hotels spread a cool and casual charm, but also we as a company and our employees reflect the coolness of our environment. In our opinion, sustainable success and innovation are based on teamwork. Our mission is to lead our properties to success, together with our guests. By doing so, we want to provide each guest an individual experience. 

Our vision and passion for the hotel industry are the foundation of our actions. We pursue an approach that goes beyond our own sovereignty, the ability to communicate and to understand. Together we develop visions, strategies and goals, which in turn lead to actions and to new projects.